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Are you considering installing an electric vehicle charging station at your GTA business? These stations are going to become more and more crucial in the years to come as Canadian drivers transition to EVs; the government has set targets of 10% of sales of new vehicles by 2025, and 40% by 2030. But installing a charging station can have many benefits for your business right now. EV charging stations help to attract and retain new customers, and they add value to your property. They help you to meet sustainability goals and obtain LEED certification from Canada’s Green Building Council, and they brand your business as innovative and eco-friendly. In addition, in order to encourage the installation of EV charging stations, the federal government currently offers a program called ZEVIP (Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program) that will subsidize up to 50% of the initial costs.

Level 3 charging stations, which are also known as “direct current fast-chargers,” use a 480-volt system that is more powerful than other types of charging stations. Level 3 charging stations are compatible with the majority of electric vehicles, and they can usually charge a battery to 80% in 30 minutes or less.

We are currently past the phase of early adoption of EVs but are not yet at the point of mass adoption. However, all the major automobile manufacturers have now made significant investments into EV technology, and in the coming years it’s expected that sales of EVs will boom. This is a perfect time to add charging stations to your commercial property because:

  • You can become known as a destination for EV users in your area before your business competitors do
  • Charging stations add a small revenue stream which will only grow as more and more people begin driving EVs.
  • The fact that charging stations are readily available helps to convince people in your area to adopt EV technology.
Choosing the Right Installer
Choosing the Right Installer

The best choice is a company that specializes in innovative technology and that has extensive experience with commercial grade EV charging station installation. Look for a contractor who is allied with the FLO network. Partnering with the company FLO is a good option, since FLO maintains Canada’s largest network of EV charging stations and develops technology hardy enough for Canadian winter conditions. All of their products are CSA tested and approved. FLO’s network displays all their charging stations on a bilingual interactive map and mobile app; approximately 80% of all EV drivers in Canada are connected to the FLO network.

A good EV installer should be able to answer any questions you have, and if necessary, to do a complimentary assessment of your property to ensure that it’s suitable for a charging station. Experienced installers know how to hook the charger up to the power supply so that it is in compliance with all GTA safety regulations. Look for a company that will provide turnkey service in the Greater Toronto Area.

Be a part of the EV revolution—contact a GTA Level 3 charging station installer today!


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